Retaining Souls for Christ

One of the stated goals of Pope Francis, as in the prior Year of Mercy and the Synod on the Family, is getting people back to Mass & the Sacraments.

How many of us have experienced family and close friends who have left the Faith? Why does this happen? What can we do?

Rich begins with the factors that influence many to leave, including the crisis of truth and the loss in faith, the prevailing relativism, subjectivism, and secularism that work to exclude religion from our society. Many are lost in the many errors that are spread about.

A contributing factor may often include poor catechesis and misconceptions about Church teachings. Many rationalize their departure for other reasons or because of moral problems. Yet many are just a confession away from returning!

What approach should we take?

Rich provides some useful guidelines when dealing with those who no longer practice their faith, beginning with the importance of friendship. Our youth face their own unique problems, many shedding their faith like a garment when they go off to college.

What can parents do?

This program affords useful discussion time afterwards, with the opportunity for one to express and share their own experiences and gain some insights on how to handle a situation that they themselves face. There is always hope.