Stained Glass

Stain Glass Windows

The majority of presentations by Rich May include PowerPoint slides incorporating his magnificent stain glass window photography which he has collected in churches while traveling with his truck around the U.S. during his many years of ministry.

After spending a number of his earlier years photographing wilderness areas and developing his skills in photography, his slides provide a useful and entertaining medium in a society that is today largely visually oriented. They are particularly useful in his youth talks to inspire and maintain their attention.

Many of the photos have been taken in notable churches and cathedrals to include St. Francis De Sales Oratory (St. Louis), the Basilica of the Assumption (Covington, Ky.), and Annunciation church (Houston, Tx.). But many are also from lesser known locations, such as Norfolk, Ct., La Crosse, Wi., and Trinidad, Co. Some of our nation’s greatest treasures in glass are found here, perhaps forgotten. Much of the statuary and artwork including magnificent sanctuaries also provide photographic opportunities.

His choreographed slides to music segments which form part of some of the presentations, include this photography.

In 2016, Richard drove From Houston Texas to Fairbanks Alaska on the Alaska Highway to speak, incorporating additional photography from churches along the route. One thing is for sure, he never travels without his camera.