What are they saying about Rich?

A Retreat Coordinator:

“All the oblates I talked to were pleased & very grateful for your giving of your time & your efforts to make our retreat special. As Mother Angelica would say, "it was awesome.”

Catholic Homeschoolers:

“Thanks you so much for your keynote address to the graduating class. Your reputation as an inspiring speaker is well known since many of us have had the pleasure of listening to you on the radio ... your speech was the favorite part of their day ...”


“Thank you very much for giving the beautiful presentation on Mariology on Tuesday ... You were so well prepared and all the visual aids you used were wonderful ...”

A Mother Superior, Passionist Nuns:

“Your teachings during our retreat have not only enlightened out minds, but inflamed our hearts, and I have an intuition that the Oblate community has begun a new phase of its commitment to Christ and to the Church, thanks to Mary's visitation here first through her pilgrim Virgin statue, and then through your retreat.”

A Pastor:

“I am deeply grateful for the gift of your Confirmation catechetical books. As an educator and catechist, I recognize in them a superb resource for my own priestly ministry ...”

An Archbishop:

“... Thank you too, Rick, for your service to the people of our Archdiocese.”