Sacramental Theology and Spirituality

Rich has taught numerous classes on the Sacraments to include Baptism preparation and Confirmation, also in RCIA and Adult Ed classes at parishes locally to include the Mass and the Eucharist, the latter often in multi-part sessions …

The Mass and the Eucharist

These have been presented separately or as a series at parishes, as in a parish mission or retreat. They include…

The Early beginnings

The Old Testament foreshadowing … Passover and the early Levitical Priesthood; covers the “Bread of Presence” and the Tent Sanctuary of the Israelites; Rich draws a parallel between the Passover and the Last Supper noting that in both cases it is a sacrificial meal, demanding the real presence of the victim.

The Early Church

The New Testament and the early Church’s belief in the Eucharist and Real Presence with testimonies from the second and third century Apostolic Fathers.

Adoration, a key to more vocations

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and its spiritual benefits. How should we respond to Christ’s True Presence? The program concludes a look at Eucharistic Adoration; also the differences between Protestant and Catholic teachings. The miracle of Lanciano Italy is noted, proclaimed valid under Pope Paul VI’s pontificate.

The Eucharist, a Nuptial Sacrament!

The Eucharist in the context of marriage and family; crucial today.

Saints of the Eucharist

Lives of the saints, a testimony; Sts. Clare, Scholastica, Eymard and others.

Our Lady of the Cenacle

Mary, “Mother of the Blessed Sacrament,” “Mother of all Priests” - what role does she play when we receive communion or come before the Lord in Adoration?