Marian Theology and Spirituality

Rich is a member of the Mariological Society of America, the International Marian Academy, and the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary. His audio-visual presentations at parishes, conferences and retreats cover a wide range of topics on Marian doctrine and spirituality. A few examples:

Foundations for Mariology

What did the early Church believe? Where do the 4 Marian Dogmas come from? Are they in the Bible? Marian doctrine and her spiritual motherhood are reviewed and their application to one's spiritual life drawing form both Scriptures and Tradition.

The Co-redemption

The preservative redemption is explained. This important doctrinal teaching is misunderstood and yet is the means by which Mary exercises her spiritual motherhood. Rich has taught classes at the Seminary in Houston on this topic.

The Immaculate Conception

Besides the New Testament, Rich explores the Old Testament as well to establish Scriptural support for this foundational teaching and how is it tied to our understanding of the other Marian privileges. Why the Immaculate Conception important for our spiritual life?

Marian Consecration

Rich explores the practice of Marian consecration, its history, theological foundations, stressing that the more we belong to Mary, the more we will draw closer to Christ, love him more tenderly, and serve him most faithfully! Separate programs are available on S.t Maximilian Kolbe.

Separately presented, one of Pope St. John Paul II’s great achievements was to elevate de Montfort’s program of Marian consecration to new heights within the papacy and papal Magisterium, integrating it into papal teachings and practice. Rich discusses this important aspect of JPII’s spirituality.

The Rosary

A magnificent historical survey and overview of the importance and practice of the Rosary in our spiritual life. Includes two choreographed slides to music segments.

Marian Apparitions

The Church’s position on private revelations and a survey of the major apparitions.