Programs on the American Indian

Rich is a frequent speaker at the annual Catholic Tekakwitha Conferences. His audio-visual presentations cover a wide range of topics:

St. Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks:

The first Native American saint to be canonized! The amazing story of a 17th century 24 year-old Native American who was converted to Christianity and is a model for purity and sanctity. Rich also covers the apparitions of this saint and other miraculous healings. She is a role model for our youth!

The Martyrs of La Florida:

Focuses on the Apalachee Indians and Franciscan missionaries martyred for their Catholic faith. Rich has been involved in their cause for canonization that is now opened. Learn all about it!

Nicholas Back Elk:

His cause for canonization has also been opened. He was a witness of the Battle of Little Big Horn and the tragedy at Wounded Knee. After his conversion and later as a catechist, he brought many into the Church in the early 20th century. He received a vision of Christ. Discussion also includes the possible apparition of the Virgin Mary to the Lakota people in the 18th century.

The Rosary, a Prayer for all Native Peoples:

Rich also designed a series of three booklets to teach Native Americans the Rosary using Indian Iconography. It is available free on the Black & Indian Mission Website It has an ecclesiastical approval.

Indian Reservation Issues:

Today’s American Indians are the poorest of all American ethnic groups. On the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, 80% are unemployed and 97% live below the poverty level. Rich has been to Capitol Hill and is working with the USCCB to address this issue. He has appeared on Catholic radio in an effort to encourage public awareness. His program includes the history of Federal Indian laws and what needs to change.